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Fisher F44 recovery speed test. Video

Garrett ACE machines are often criticized for being unable to detect close together targets. But can their competitors pass a recovery speed test? Here’s a video to watch: a recovery speed test of Fisher F44 with the standard coil. Plus, an F44 test with a sniper coil.

The Fisher F44 recovery speed test, by Monte’s Nail Board Test standard. Using a sniper coil – Fisher 5 DD (5COIL-F5F).


The ground depth test of Fisher F44 with the factory Fisher 11 Mono (11COIL-EE) coil. There is also a recovery speed test shown in the middle of the video.


The recovery speed test of Fisher F44 with the stock coil.

That’s what the Fisher F44 is. It’s up to you to decide whether or not it’s capable of seeing close together targets. All about the Fisher F44 metal detector is collected here (news, tests, comparisons) and on Knowledgebase pages (list of coils, a manual, and much more).

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