Do you fry a metal detector over campfire? Photo

I am trying to imagine the day when I would dry my metal detector near the campfire… See sad photos: a fried Garrett ACE 250 after being dried near the campfire.


Perhaps I haven’t risen/fallen to this level yet. If there is any risk of soaking the detector, I would wrap it in a clingfilm (always have in my car). And even if the device was sunk in water, nevertheless I wouldn’t dry it with fire. I would get batteries out of the compartment and a screwdriver and bottle of raw spirit out of the car trunk.


Was the detector sunk and then burnt? A man really had a slice of good luck! I hope at least the finds were worth the cost. Or matters didn’t come to the finds? ))

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  • This machine remained operational. Amazing Garrett ACE 250! It’s really a super-reliable detector.

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