Comparison: Garrett AT MAX vs Teknetics Patriot

The Garrett AT MAX is being smacked down. They don’t beat it against a lamppost just yet, however, no one, except bloggers and dealers acting as brand ambassadors, praises the new machine. But if its price is around $400, the Garrett AT MAX will immediately become different (really different). Do you have doubts? Time will show. Until then, here’s a comparative nail board test: Garrett AT MAX vs Teknetics Patriot.

While the test with the Garrett AT MAX was being done, I had to reduce the volume on my computer. Now I understand why they suspended launching the Garrett AT MAX and urgently added the volume control to it. By the way, what do you know about MD blogging as a brand ambassador activity?

Comparison: Garrett AT MAX vs Teknetics Patriot. Treated with indignity?

Only those who read the MD-Hunter blog know the truth about metal detectors. All about the Garrett AT MAX is collected here (news, tests, comparisons, reviews and different opinions) and here (specs, features, the list of coils, repair, user manual). All content related to the Teknetics Patriot is here and here. Happy hunting (no winter for us) to all!

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8 Responses to Comparison: Garrett AT MAX vs Teknetics Patriot

  • I agree with your entire post MD.

  • I’ve used my Max with stock coil in super trashy areas with great results and i’ve never heard all those crazy orrible sounds.
    (Ground balanced, sensitivity at 4/5, zero mode, iron disc 35, iron audio just when i have doubts).
    The point is that the Max can do really well with trash and nails around, you just need to set it the right way and move it slow (as you probably would do with any detector in a trashy area….).
    For this reasons I can’t consider this test valid as it doesn’t rapresents the truth and what happens in a real hunt

    • I agree with Tommaso. I own a fisher f70 as well (same as Teknetics). The at max performs really well around trash and nails. I don’t know where those crazy sounds came from. So far the at max has out performed the f70. The f70 is better balanced. Test seems biased to me. I guess if your goal is to find zinc pennies in trashy areas go with the Technetics.

  • Forum readers make up a very small percentage of detector users. Youtube is useful to see new equipment but yes OEM pick folks with the most subscribers to promote their products. Some are experienced users most are not.

  • lets face facts, the patriot is a better, more sensitive machine than the at max, hell the at pro is better than the max, which begs the question, where does the max fit in?

  • This is the dumbest man on YouTube. Garrett must of busted his bubble one time.

    My AT Max sounds nothing like he does in the video. The man hunts Tot Lot’s and his wife even beats him at that.

    Wraps the coil wire wrong, LOL! Uses a Zinc penny “That’s whats he is used to finding!”

    The Max does really well in trashy areas, but i don’t live off Teknetics either, so !

    Needs to work on getting those adenoids out … or maybe it’s something else :D

    • You just sound butt-hurt Scott. Did this HunterGT guy do something to you personally? You mad he has more subscribers than you and people actually look up to his reviews and videos?

      My AT Max sounds exactly like the one in the video. Biggest mistake I ever made was believing the hype behind it.

      Hunter tells it like it is…AT Max is terrible…Patriot kills is easily in heavy nails.

      As an owner of both…he hits the “nail” on the head in this video.

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