Coiltek 14 Mono Elite coil. NEW 2015

Coiltek, the Australian manufacturer, has rolled out a new product – Coiltek 14″ Mono Elite coil for the Minelab SD/GP/GPX metal detectors. What’s the use of this camo?!


Specifications of new Coiltek 14″ Mono Elite coil:

  • Coil type: Mono
  • Shape: Round
  • Size: 14” (350mm)
  • Weight: 1130 grams
  • Applicable metal detectors: Minelab SD/GP/GPX

Coiltek announces the first batch is ready, welcome…


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2 Responses to Coiltek 14 Mono Elite coil. NEW 2015

  • It isn’t clear what is the use of the coil camouflage… To make it more difficult to look after the coil against the background of the soil? Or to make the metal detector even more indistinguishable in the grass?

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