Clones of original coils. Photo

There have appeared clones of the original coils on a massive scale… Across different manufacturers: Garrett, Minelab, Detech, XP, Fisher, White’s. See the photos: cloned housings of branded coils.










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One Response to Clones of original coils. Photo

  • I have touched base with some manufacturers (there are several of them) of these housings. According to them, they are producing just housings that are similar to original coils. Their similarity is justified by the fact that original product manufacturers didn’t patent the external appearance of their coils.

    The clones’ manufacturers argue that they are producing these housings exclusively for people who make homemade metal detectors and coils.

    But if someone is making a coil housing that is very similar to the original… There will also be those who will start making fake coils (there are already ones).

    In my opinion, it’s very bad, but I understand that if there is a successful product, the emergence of its fakes is only a question of time.

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