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China Garrett Pro-Pointer (fake). Photo comparison

The Garrett Pro-Pointer pinpointer, one of the best. Reliable, comfortable and effective. But the pinpointer has a big drawback – China fake, which can’t be externally distinguished from the original.

The Garrett Pro-Pointer pinpointer China fake is marked with red.










You can’t identify it externally. But if you know how the original Garrett must operate, you will determine the fake at once when turning it on.

The China fake has small detection depth and, most importantly, can’t operate in static/non-motion mode; you must move the pinpointer all the time to detect a target. The original Garrett Pro-Pointer always sees the target, even if the pinpointer is motionless.

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9 Responses to China Garrett Pro-Pointer (fake). Photo comparison

  • Having got one from e-bay ” checked out seller first had good stars and feed back ”
    then a year later it just packed up
    sent it off for repairs to different dealer as no answer from the e-bay guy i had brought it from
    although he was still trading
    i was then told its a fake and that they get loads sent to them for repairs
    went back to e-bay to inform them as this guy was still trading
    e-bay did not what to know as it was just passed a year

  • Just had to return a counterfeit purchased through an eBay seller. Word to the wise: don’t buy the deeply discounted detectors from ANY 3rd party reseller. Hopefully if you do get scammed, I hope you have as pleasant a return experience as I had. Money refunded in less than 6 hours. No questions asked.

    Another word to the wise. These counterfeit detectors are evolving from all of the forum feedback. The detector I received had a detector tone more similar to the real product. The beep and vibration were both present and constant within .5 inches of a coin but was worthless beyond that range.

    The dead giveaway was still a single audible beep upon powering the device as well as the copyright/serial number on the end cap of the device.

    Lastly, I have sent pictures to Garrett (whose contact info I got from the perfectly counterfeit box) who indeed confirmed the serial number was a fake, not issued by their company. They are aware of the issue, though I’m sure there’s not much they can do to stop a supply coming half way around the world.

    Best wishes and happy detecting.

  • fake means easy to copy and my suggestion is pinpointer metalprobe impossible to copy
    and we only focus and developing metal probe very difficult to copy especially the “shell”

  • later we need sale detector face to face and we should have demo room
    I have inform all dealers they must have demo window to show underwater metal probe!

  • I just bought a fake from Newegg.com. Very pissed off. Called Garrett and they confirmed it a fake.
    Last time I deal with them!

  • sorry to read your comments guys,i live in uk,only using onlinestores for real metal detecting shops,not virtual,google earth works great for this.beepbeep not beep! HH

  • Thanks very interesting blog! latahza

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