Opening the XP Gold Maxx Power for repair (housing)

It’s often thought that analog and semi-analog metal detectors are very simple. There is even an inside joke among detectorists – about the coil connected directly to the headphones. And there are people who believe in this joke, “as it’s the analog machine, isn’t it?” It is not the case actually. A present-day detector, even if it’s the analog one, should be based on modern technology, which can’t be simple in any case. Let’s take a look at the XP Gold Maxx Power that was opened to be repaired: the electronics housing. This pictorial report will surely help someone solve a problem with his device. I wish you all hunting without breakage! Continue reading

White’s TM-808 teardown. In pictures: coil repair

A deep seeking White’s TM-808 is one of the most well-liked machines among deep holes lovers. The detector has definitely gained its popularity due to its low price. However, the TM-808 breaks down just like any other metal detectors, even a bit more often. And it’s the coils where the unit’s problems begin with. Here’s a pictorial report of the ones that were opened to be repaired. I wish you all happy hunting without breakage! Continue reading

Cheap shaft locks (for different detectors). Photos

Why do the cheap machines from Fisher and Teknetics have the twist locks on their shafts whereas the super popular Garrett ACE units don’t? One year after buying an ACE device, its owner will hear a perceptible rattle in the shaft. This rattle doesn’t affect detection quality anyhow and, sure thing, doesn’t have any bearing on the number of your finds recovered. But still it does exist and not everyone is willing to put up with it. The problem can be solved by adding a simple lock, and nothing needs to be changed. Continue reading