Opening the XP Gold Maxx Power for repair (housing)

It’s often thought that analog and semi-analog metal detectors are very simple. There is even an inside joke among detectorists – about the coil connected directly to the headphones. And there are people who believe in this joke, “as it’s the analog machine, isn’t it?” It is not the case actually. A present-day detector, even if it’s the analog one, should be based on modern technology, which can’t be simple in any case. Let’s take a look at the XP Gold Maxx Power that was opened to be repaired: the electronics housing. This pictorial report will surely help someone solve a problem with his device. I wish you all hunting without breakage! Continue reading

White’s TM-808 teardown. In pictures: coil repair

A deep seeking White’s TM-808 is one of the most well-liked machines among deep holes lovers. The detector has definitely gained its popularity due to its low price. However, the TM-808 breaks down just like any other metal detectors, even a bit more often. And it’s the coils where the unit’s problems begin with. Here’s a pictorial report of the ones that were opened to be repaired. I wish you all happy hunting without breakage! Continue reading